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Designer City: a real estate development game that will transform the creativity of our would-be brokers, appraisers, consultants and developers

In this Android game, the player is initially given a small plot of land to be developed into a city

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How to Enlist as a Real Estate Agent in the Philippines and Earn from Project Selling?

“You don’t have to be too bright to get into real estate.” ― David Lichtenstein “Lazy hands make a man

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Digging the Iceberg #1!

Unbelievable! Unconceivable! Hard to spell! Mismatched Reality! Not the type! Assuming! Pretender! This is how they think of him. They

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Appraising real property for the first time

What a real estate appraiser is really doing before drafting a narrative report? It’s both easy and difficult. Read this interesting true to life story of appraising real estate for the first time.

Prayer of a Real Estate Agent (Panalangin ng Isang Ahente ng Bahay at Lupa)

A powerful prayer intended for real estate agent. A deep request to God. Though the business is not sure to have monetary result, but an agent is very confident that God will always provide him or her with goodhearted clients.

Bookkeeping is both mandated by Caesar and by God!

Starting a service business without knowledge of bookkeeping and tax accounting is killing your business softly. A time will come when Caesar comes and makes an audit and it’s the time also that your face will turn to every color of the rainbow. And lastly, you may not become a Good Steward and Good Samaritan if you don’t know your personal finance..

How to become a freelance Real Estate Broker in the Philippines as of 2019?

To become a real estate broker requires both brain and timing. You may enter the industry late and pass a narrow gate, but your future is an highway of opportunities.

Alexandra Heights Bulacan: Masterplanned subdivision for your ideal home

A masterplanned subdivision for lot buyers.

Sanctuario de Paz Memorial Park: beautiful, solemn and very affordable

To be remembered in a point on earth is a dream come true. Sanctuario will keep your memory and remains forever.

Real Estate Commission: What is it? Who is qualified to receive and how much? Is referral person also qualified to it? If not, how much?

To render a service is to receive your wage. What you sow is what you reap. Customer is always right and you are right to gain your business.

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