Healthy Lifestyle Tips #2.1: Take only organic products. Take 100% Pure & Organic Salveo Organics Barley Grass

Salveo Barley Grass

Barley Grass is grown in a clean and pollution-free environment in a location called Swan Hil Victoria in Australia

The plantation is certified by NASAA (no chemicals, no pesticides). Produced by the leading and the largest organic manufacturer of clean and pure natural nutritional products in Australia

Salveo Barley Grass

How is Salveo Barley Grass made? Harvested at a young age and at a perfect time where the barley grass are high in nutritional contents. They use a special low-temperature drying technology to preserve the nutrients of barley grass during the powdering process, documented and certified.

Salveo 100% Pure & Organic Barley Grass. Certified by NASAA (Australia). Certified by Halal

True-Life Testimony on Salveo Barley Grass

Salveo Barley Grass Ultimate Benefits: 

-Fights Cancer
-Stabilizes Blood Sugar
-Prevents Heart Disease
-Protects Bone Health
-Improves Digestion

Salveo Barley Grass Nutrition:

– 2 times more calcium than milk
-5 times more iron than spinach
-7 times more vitamin C than oranges
-More powerful than grapes, spinach and Kale

How to take Salveo Barley Grass?

1 Box = 70 capsules 
Ingredients: 100% Pure & Organic Salveo Organics Barley Grass

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