COVID 19 Reflection

Our sins equal our deaths.

COVID 19 as the evil of our era is trumpeting the weight of guilt for each country that suffers from it.

This evil is the result of our abandoning the protection and love of our God.

We double our apostasies, by serving Satan through legalizing abortion, homosexuality, divorce, etc., anything against the 10 Commandments.

Some bishops are commiting apostasies and try to distort the Word of God and Liturgies to impress the Beasts instead of God.

False Prophets and false religions are everywhere.

TRUE LIFE IN GOD is snobbed and junked by many Church authorities.

So, nature reacts to these sinfulness by revenge: fire in Amazon, earthquakes, COVID 19, etc.

But still we have hope, if we cry for repentance and have peace with God.

More fatalities to come if we continue our sins and not heed God’s warning out of His Divine Love.

Lord, have mercy on us, the sinners.

We totally reject the messages

Lord, have mercy!

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